Hemostatic Eraser Bipolar 20G

SKU: 221260 Vendu dans : Mondial Procédure de produit : Cataracte, Cornée, Glaucome, Oculoplastie, Rétine Marque : Wet-Field® Eraser®

Wet-Field Erasers provide targeted and discrete coagulation with minimal tissue trauma for vitreoretinal procedures; glaucoma filtration and cataract incisions. Straight Eraser styles are available in 18 GA; 20 GA; 20-23 GA tapered and 25 GA designs. Additional specialty products include hollow-core; passive/active aspiration devices with reflux and extrusion cannula modalities-combined with bipolar diathermy capability. Curvered instruments facilitate traditional and extrusion assisted aspiration.

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221260 Hemostatic Eraser Bipolar 20G

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